MR DIY -Specialist Lyricist Wanted EP

Since 1986 hiphop in all its elements became part of my life and also my heritage going forward.

Hiphop is 50 years old as a genre..

I gravitated towards the music side more because I was a lousy b boy …I went for a graf writer to a full time fine artists

With my mixtape series I am celebrating hiphop and South African rap .
I am paying homage to the ill overlooked over talented lyricists …from the local pioneers to todays generation.

Take a listen but also take a journey with each emcee .
I took most out of their comfort zones with the music I crafted around their vocals ..
Thank you for entrusting me with your VOICES I hope your lyrics and voices will resonate through the universe in celebration..

MR DIY your beat servant in hip hop.

S@vage FreeStyle – Mr DIY ft Savage
Bruin Bliksem – Churchill Naude
Moet-hie – Ytkom – Hakkiesdraad Hartman
Best Feature – Lance Lightyear
Net wat ek Wil – Zahir
Topboyz _ M.O.B, G the rapper, Pikkie Jones, Gabriel
Courage – Marco Polo
Mission Impossible – Terror MC, DIY
Headphones – Libo G, DIY
Feelaman – Jedi Knight
Dun Ice – Sparky G
Plof Asem – Plofstof, SpookAsem
Oppie Ou End – BreiMasjien

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