Lucky Number S7EWE

We met up with rappers Siep and Niko10Long for a rooftop chat set against the Zonnebloem skyline in Cape Town, before heading off to chase waterfalls. Here’s what they’ve been cooking up.

If Hip Hop was a suburb Niko10Long and Siep could take you on the locals-only tour. Best believe they’d talk you through it at first and if you still needed directions, they’d pull up street view for your benefit. As individuals, they’ve been making music and positioned themselves as Hip Hop artists for the last two decades or so. For them, it all started at a time when using the school bell as a sample was probably an option.

It’s possible that good things come in threes, but when it comes down to luck you’re going to want some sevens up your sleeve. Their latest project sees the duo collaborating as S7EWE. Having started recording on cassettes – a lot has changed since then – but their dynamic and shared vision holds true

We’re from the Boom Bap era – we do the culture with all the elements in… like the graffiti writing, B-Boying, and MC’ing. We like to keep the balance and preserve the culture.SiepOne late night that started taking the corner towards early, while chilling in the studio making a beat – Siep and Niko10Long realised they didn’t have a concept to roll with – or what you can think of as a meddie. It took a little meditation, but they quickly figured it out, and let the flow and the truth in that moment guide their next steps. In a way, it’s like life imitating art with the pursuit of direction being core to the modus operandi in both cases. That being said, don’t sleep on their latest project, Die Meddie.